Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women: Getting Into Character

Are you looking for sexy Halloween costumes for women? Perhaps cute, creative or funny costumes are more up your alley? Even as adults, how fun is it to be going to a Halloween party! Dressing up and occasionally winning best costume awards is still fun and exciting even at my age. What about you?
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a child, we would decorate the house, my mom would think up the most original Halloween treat we would give out at our house that year. The kids lined up to trick or treat at our house despite the fact that our Mom made all the kids sing a French song... or they didn`t get their treat... and they wanted their treat.
My sister and I would daydream about which character we wanted to be at Halloween. Which costume, makeup and accessories would be best to imitate our hero or heroine? And how could we best get into the personality we were trying to be?
As an adult now, dressing up and going out for Halloween is still very important to me. I especially enjoy dressing up sexy to turn heads and feel like a vixen at least once a year in public... more often in the privacy of my bedroom... but that's another story! Halloween dances is my preferred activity on this special occasion as opposed to going out to the bars for Halloween.
Popular Ideas for Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women
  • Vampires
  • Fairies
  • Gypsies
  • Witches
  • Air Stewardess
  • Sexy Pirate
  • Cat Woman
  • Sexy Maid
  • Angel
  • Sexy Gangster
These costumes are some of the most popular sexy Halloween costumes for women for this year. Other perennial favorites include Marilyn Monroe, a nurse, an Egyptian princess, a sexy cop, Pocahontas, a cheerleader or a fire woman.
Whichever personality you decide to wear this Halloween, you will want to get into character. If possible, watch a movie, read a book, watch a YouTube about the character you are impersonating. Learn key expressions, accents, facial expressions or moves that your personality would do so that you can make your character more realistic. If you are dressing up as a famous singer like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, you will want to listen to hit songs and memorize the words to certain songs so you can break out into song randomly throughout the night.
As a sexy Halloween vixen, you will no doubt be turning heads. Take advantage of this to win a costume contest at the adult dance or bar you attend. Practice your walk, practice your talk and hopefully your Halloween will finish in the bedroom with the lucky pirate, quarterback or vampire that gets to see you parade your character in the intimate surroundings of your bedroom.

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